Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Let me in

Let me in.
Give me a window, some fire escape ladder, the tiniest back door you can find and let me in.
Let me in and I promise you the world of me.
Let me in and I’ll show you all the passions I breathe. 
Let me in.
I've got seas and mountains of fantasy to spread.
I've got tons and gallons of energy to share.
Let me in.
The powers in me yearn to be free.
The powers in me need a reason to be.
Let me in… and you will see.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Forever Awake

All my life I've devoted myself to observe. My eye is sharp and my senses tenacious. I've been around, around Europe. There I saw and kept on feeling.
But then New York came. More than one year has passed and the city is still a virgin to my eager eyes. What I know from this new city of mine is that our first passion will stay forever a first passion for she will always look like a baby to me.
What other city is there that's constantly changing in thousand different cities at every little second of the way? New York City is not a city, it is but the summon of all cities and yet she is by far the youngest. Forever young.
To watch her breathe is to live through her. To watch her live is to grow through her. To grow forever young, to grow forever curious. To be forever awake.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Absolut Vodka Bottle Campaign

I'm a girl of many passions and therefore I never liked to answer the so-called 'top five' questions. My top five bands? Within so great music, made throughout so many centuries, how could that be even possible? I love too many, too much.
So the campaign I choose to write you about is by no means the very best of them all, it is merely one of the very best of them all.

The Absolut Vodka Bottle Campaign.
The possibilities are endless, it showed us the creativeness in its more pure state. How far and distinct can you go from one single starting point. We could even say it was the beginning of the neuromarketing yet with a very fast and refreshing reward for the viewer.
The Bottle campaign made the viewer reflect for a second while scrutinizing the art behind the ad, reinforcing his perception and observation skills. Waldo couldn’t stand a chance here.

The Absolut Vodka has now the most recognizable bottle in the world. The campaign was definitely an overachievement amid an overload of information. And although the attention span has decreased to '140 characters', the key to success remains the same: to give the viewer the feeling that he takes more from it than the brand itself. And so assuredly create the life-long emotional relationship that every brand aims for.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The lying hearts of the truthful souls

The heart is free and running wild
One sparkle with each drink delight
The night renewed, the night in style
Who's gonna pick it up tonight

You better get some drinks along
Lust is back and clear to stay
The night carries desires in a song
Whilst all the troubles flow away

The night renewed, the night is fuelled
The heart is free and running light
And every smile and act unruled
Who's gonna pick it up tonight


These are the souls of the free in spirit
These are the souls of the restrained hearts
Yet every night, every drink and every limit
Another delusion in their minds departs

NYC's Square Suns on Wheels

Once around Herald Square a guy, with a hint of southern accent, was surprised with so many cabs and asked me if it was always like this and I "Pretty much, but isn't it great that they're yellow, it sure lights up the city, don't you think?" And he "Oh yeah, it brings the sun down here between all these crazy big buildings!"
Picture in my mind: a lot of happy square suns on wheels rolling all over the city.

Copyright 2011 Paul Falardeau