Monday, 9 May 2016

The Ocean, my older brother.

The Sound of the Waves - thy mercy sweetener to these restless souls, o mighty Sea! ⚓️

Mission Recharge

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Such a magical half day today.

I saw the Brighton's glowing sea, my very first from the British Islands. I felt it too, its colourful pebbles, its docile little waves, its dense sand kissed by the low tide waters. Its golden light, its silver reflexes, its liberating breeze.
Mission Recharge had the best beginning I could possible hope for.

The sun was setting and I, what the heck, went to ride the Brighton Wheel to catch those precious crepuscular last rays.
The ride was, to my delight, much longer than usual. My name was cited, or better said, the one from Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds. She fictionally went to a girls' school here. Yep.
I had my very own cabin. Glorious. The views: breathtaking of course. Staying still in my spot: impossible. Too much to admire.
Yet, after getting off, I learned that this evening was the very last for the Brighton Wheel. It'll be gone. Gone. The Brighton's landmark for the past five years. Gone. Turned redundant.
And because of a sudden impulse I got to be there. For its very last time. For my very first time. And ride, ride, and ride some more.
Goodbye Brighton Wheel and thank you.

At night I left the hotel and just followed the music. It brought me to a blues bar where, delighted, I got to experience a cosy live gig performed by Mr. Dave Peabody whom I made friends with and who will help me with further music discoveries back in London.
In that quirky little bar I died and went to Blues Heaven. Surreal atmosphere with all sorts of peeps, some old couples, a loony drunk, three happy drag queens, a few punks and rock and rollers, and even some dapper dandies, all joined together through the wonders of good blues and good booze.

Such a magical half day today.