Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Spicy is good for you

Piri-Piri, just crawl back to the shadow of real chilli like the masters Malagueta and JalapeƱo. You will never ascend to their superiority. Mate, even your name is a joke. Sorry, not sorry. šŸŒ¶

Penny's flight adventure nr. 73531497,3

The flight was, surprise!, super punctual. However, I didn't know about the tube strike... So this time, I was the one 'delayed'. It took me 2.30 hours to get to Victoria Station. Uber, minivans and the like would be even worse. Only a flying unicorn could save me now. I knew my only hope was to try and buy a new flight ticket whilst standing in the overfilled buses stuck in this morning/Monday/strike traffic chaos. Tried once with PayPal, got an error instead. The money is there still pending though. Tried a second time with debit card. Success! Then, rush into the mobile check-in. Clumsily take out passport from rucksack, whilst holding debit card, iPhone and suitcase which keeps on wanting to roll away. Sorry, oops, thanks. Finally arrived at Victoria Station with the Gatwick Express e-ticket ready to show when... iPhone battery dies on me. Fly to the info desk, ask for power, get into the train 2 minutes before departure. Use Mac with the iPhone internet to try to cancel PayPal payment. No can do. Arrive at Gatwick. Ask hopefully for the first flight, TAP, to be delayed. No luck. Fine. Get the shuttle to the other side for the second flight. Ask BA what might happen with my first attempt at buying the ticket via PayPal. Nothing in the system. Hope it won't go away. Double Fine. Now what? Suddenly time has stopped. I have three hours to kill. Where's VHS? There! Books. Bowie and Lemmy. Triple Fine. Eat something yummy. Eggs of course. Mexican of course. Ask for powered table. Super Fine. Great '60s playlist on the speakers. Ultra Fine. And the remaining time? Corona to the rescue! Uff...