Sunday, 26 March 2017

23rd of March, Puppy Day!

Puppy Day today, hey? Well then, I dedicate it to most clever puppy ever. You've remained a child at heart, even when you were the mighty boss in your reign. Your story started in a flat filled with lunatics, just above the States Club in Coimbra. They asked for you and then left you as if you were less than nothing. Not even a name. When I still didn't know that I could take you, I was listening to this song, looked at you and asked: "What do you think?..." Your big eyes and baby tail said yes so firmly that from then on your name was Dougy Giro. A small golden retriever mix with your gorgeous painted face as if from a comic book, you knew how to lead the way to your devoted fans, Lucas and Junior, two huge Great Danes that worshiped you. You were one of a kind and it was hard, not only for me, but for all of us who've met you... to let you go.

Friday, 3 March 2017

The Sea

The Sea, please, the Sea. Brighton, or any other, I'll be coming back soon. The Sea, you see, I can't live without the Sea. The Sea, grander than we'll ever be.