Sunday, 22 May 2011

Forever Awake

All my life I've devoted myself to observe. My eye is sharp and my senses tenacious. I've been around, around Europe. There I saw and kept on feeling.
But then New York came. More than one year has passed and the city is still a virgin to my eager eyes. What I know from this new city of mine is that our first passion will stay forever a first passion for she will always look like a baby to me.
What other city is there that's constantly changing in thousand different cities at every little second of the way? New York City is not a city, it is but the summon of all cities and yet she is by far the youngest. Forever young.
To watch her breathe is to live through her. To watch her live is to grow through her. To grow forever young, to grow forever curious. To be forever awake.

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