Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Interesting, the word

One day, someone asked me to write about the most interesting thing I have ever read. Me, a bookworm. Me, a lover of words. Me, who has always said there could never be top-fives in my life. And how could I, when I like so many, so much? There’s ‘interesting’ everywhere!

Interesting the word ‘interesting’. Such a subjective word, isn’t it?

There’s no two people in the world who share exactly the same interests. Impossible. Not even identical twins. And good so. If everybody liked Blue what would be of Yellow? Different strokes for different folks, they say.

Imagine a world where the most interesting colour is grey. Let’s go with this colour for it surely has a bad reputation in our minds for representing ‘boring’ in the best possible way.
Everything is grey: our clothes, houses, cars, toys... Don’t visualise it as being some kind of film noir, or even the movie “Pleasantville”. No, the whole planet still has its colours, the green pastures, the blue waters, the glorious fauna and the beautiful flora. The Earth is as interesting as it has ever been.

Where we want to focus is on people’s interests. What if every single one of us would like exactly the same things, have exactly the same interests? All without a single hint of boredom.
Imagine. Our people only like the colour grey. What else? They only eat potatoes. Nothing more. They only drink water. That’s it. They all sleep 8 hours, 11pm to 7am. Always. They only hear Mozart. Got lucky there. They only read Shakespeare. Yes, please. They only watch Coronation Street. Ouch.

And here’s the (yes, I am using the word) interesting thing: there is nothing out there but potatoes, water, Mozart, Shakespeare and Coronation Street. Why should it be? Nobody would be interested nor would anybody come up with different things in the first place. Would you cook, write, play, paint, invent something you wouldn’t find interesting? Of course not.
And what about relationships? If everybody finds the same thing interesting, they’d surely find the same person interesting. There wouldn’t be any importance on the gender. This person would have to be locked for security reasons. But who would help this person? For they too would be interested in the person in question. Oh dear, poor person…

What about jobs? Hobbies? Studies? There’d be nothing different to learn, to try out, to conceive and perceive. To dream and believe. To feel. Ugh, the horror!

It’s hard to wrap our minds around such a very grey and disconcerting utopia for if we delve deeper and deeper into it, the more disturbing it becomes. It’s just a downward spiral spattering our grey cells all over the place, almost to the point of ebullition. Dead end.

‘Interesting’ is indeed a very interesting word. Without what it represents, we just wouldn’t be. Humans could never function in such an absurd universe. Where there’s no ‘boring’ there can be no ‘interesting’. It’s an impossible world. Wonderfully ridiculous. Well, thank goodness for that!

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