Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Johnny Johnny

Siblings are forever.
Going to your room, take your sleepy hand and make you follow me, little as you were, to sleep beside me and so protect me from my nightmares, my relentless nights. Without noticing it, you were a hero, saving your sister numerous times from her night demons.
Later in life, little has changed, the demons were replaced by crazy thirsters for life and the nights and days were themselves relentless. And when my body would finally succumb, I would then go find you wherever you were sleeping - in that deep sleep of yours - amidst all the euphoria, jumps and somersaults, music and war cries. I’d go and would take your sleepy hand, used as you were since we were little, and you would follow me, obediently. You would sleep no matter how big the turmoil around you, but you would always stand up to follow your sister. I would take you until I’d finally let you fall into a real bed where you’d keep on sleeping - that deep, beautifully serene sleep of yours.
How I envy your sleep, my brother. And how proud I felt every time I could take care of you, after so many years of you taking care of me.
Siblings are forever.

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