Monday, 31 August 2015

Mood swings of a creative mind

One day:
Bad day today. Felt impotent, frustrated, excruciatingly dumb. What was wrong with me? I have to stay calm, don't undermine myself, don't recriminate, don't be too harsh on myself. That maybe the whole new move has taken more out of me than all the other moves combined. Maybe because I finally see a future and consequently, a future that's bound to bring risks with it. For the future has never felt this real. The foreseen of a settled life is much scarier than the unknown that carries on in any nomad life. But I'm ready. I am. I have never been this ready.
Calm down, girl. The first and most important step has been made. The rest will follow when time is right. Just you wait. Breathe. Life is smiling.

The day after:
Wonderful day today. What a difference from yesterday. I was on a roll today. So much so that after my in-the-zone time I was pretty exhausted but what an intoxicating feeling it is. So good when your creative juices feel this high. 

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