Monday, 4 November 2013


Labels. Why do we need labels. Why do we need to be put on some social shelf. Why do we have to belong somewhere or to something.
Aren't we all complex beings made out of bones and blood and guts that can not only feel but dream, think and react?

Labels. We are more than labels. Yes, I do like this more than that. It doesn't however state what I am. For each one of us is a lot. A lot of feelings, dreams, thoughts and reactions.
One day we feel like we're on the top of the world, the next we're in the gutter. One day we need closeness and attention, the other we need loneliness and distance. One day we wanna dance and stick our tongue to taste it all, the other we just wanna lay still and hide inside an oyster.

Labels. What you hear doesn't define you. What you wear doesn't define you. What you do doesn't define you. Where you were born doesn't define you. Where you live or lived or will live doesn't define you. Nothing from your outer world defines you. What defines you are your feelings, your dreams, your thoughts, your reactions. What defines you is deep inside, between all those bones, blood and guts. And for that there is no label for each one of us is unique.

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