Sunday, 7 July 2013

Inspirational Kindness - A small conversation between a master and a pupil who have never met.

(About the book "Thirty Rooms To Hide In", by Luke Sullivan, shortly after its publication.)

Hi Luke,

I decided to answer here your "Thank you" to Rumble Pitch aka Myself for in Twitter you're only allowed to talk the 140 characters language:

It was my pleasure, I loved your book! Like “The Shining” only funnier indeed! And I even still need time for the book to sink in. And those are the best kind of books.

When talking about your father's addiction I felt there was more to it, a different kind of emotion that didn't quite fit in with someone who suffered the addiction as a third part. Not that it wasn't disturbing enough, giving the family awful scars for life, but through all the anger, despise and pity I felt a deeper reason within, somehow different. And so the final words in the book didn't surprise me and even if not expected I finally recognized that other hidden strong emotion about the evils of addiction.

Myra came to me as one of the great mentors I've known and read about. She didn't discover anything like Marie Curie or won any battle like Jeanne D'Arc and if it wasn't for you we would never know her story. And yet there is a woman to look up to. A woman who fought demons from the inside out, who brought 6 little boys safe to good port with a bigger luggage in their souls than they could ever carry. A woman silenced by a world of men with a heart of a giant. A true spirit that although it can be broken, it never fades away completely. A woman I’m eager to be.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us. If I was already deeply impressed with you through your great Copywriting bible, which is always nearby, now the respect is even grander. Your life with all you had to go through inspires me immensely.

I’ve been moving from place to place since I was a little girl, meaning having to start all over again with new friends and new playgrounds. And so, my imagination was very useful for all those “in-betweens”. I can’t imagine how deep you all had to go with your own inventiveness.

That you used laughter, sometimes hysterical laughter to cope with all that is more than comprehensible and in a way it also reminds me of “La vita รจ bella” from Roberto Benigni. With a slight difference though, you all knew what kind of demons you were trying to cover up.

Thank you!

My very best wishes,

“Dear Penny:

You are a doll to write such a long and thoughtful email to me. I am SO glad you liked the book and I even passed on that paragraph you wrote about my mom TO my Mom. I am sure she will dig it big time.

And I am glad you liked the epilogue, where I reveal my own "membership" in the addiction club. In previous editions I had cut that chapter. Felt too Hollywood-y of an ending too many. Too neat. Too much closure. But I put it back in. Glad you liked it.

Pass on the word. The little book needs all the help it can get.” 

Memoir -- "Thirty Rooms To Hide In" -- Intro trailer

I think it's wonderful that you left it in so that everyone knows that not even the ones that lived with the terror are free from it. And why not such a closure? This book would actually make an awesome movie.

I'm so delighted that you've sent that part to your mom and so deeply honored. It's not every day (more like never) that you actually get the opportunity to tell what you think to people you admire.

I sure will, this book deserves it, you definitely deserve it. You're a living inspiration.

Thank you and all the best to you, your Mom and your whole family.

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