Saturday, 22 January 2011

The dark side of my Imagination

My Imagination and I have huge fights all the time. I mean, all the time. Yesterday she was probably right for I knew already I shouldn't have seen horror movies so late at night. The thing is, she, my Imagination, only allowed me to watch horror movies when I was already in my early twenties.
I remember one time, before these twenties, that after a friend of mine told me about a movie my Imagination gave me a whole month of nightmares. And do you want to know what movie it was? The Fly! Just The Fly! An innocent science fiction movie, where a man mixes with a fly. What's scary about that? To actually mix anything you'll have to have this machine first. Did I have this machine? No.
What scares me when it comes to horror movies are those things we can't see, can't fight against. Ghosts, spirits, dark forces. That's what really scares me.
When I was 14, 15 years old I lived in a student residence under the week for I was studying arts in a different town than my parent's. I had three other roommates - miss you guys - that used to scare me with ghosts and such before sleeping. And they knew nothing else could possible scare me. Back then, I was afraid of nothing. Ever. I would always be the one diving further into the unknown dark searching for adventures. Still do. I would always be the one defending everyone till the last big bad guy was down. Same ho.
But when it came to sleep I would turn into the most afraid little girl in the whole world. All my life I've been having nightmares, all my life my sleep has tired me, all my life I’ve been afraid of my subconscious.
Time passes by though and I am learning, even when I know I will never sleep like normal people do. And that in order to have this amazing Imagination of mine - love you girl - I will have to accept all that she brings. For better or for worse, right?
And so, night after day, we will keep on fighting, my Imagination and I, and she will still remain one of the best friends I will ever have.


  1. It seems you still have your little princess within you. ;)

  2. ... and I hope she stays forever. :)