Thursday, 5 August 2010

Taboo Game, what am I talking about?

John was the first to go crazy in the big green island above the Channel. This was the day when the dementia finally took over. That strange day when he sat at his desk staring at the monitor as if frozen in space and time.
John was seating since 9 in the morning, the lunchtime passed by and so did that nice good-looking girl that walked with a quiet hypnotising smile, in no rush, eyes straight, looking nowhere and into the infinitum. The evening was coming and he still had that same strange frozen look in his eyes overseeing the monitor in front.
This was the day when he finally lost it, snapped, freak out, went ballistic, berserk, ape and bananas. That strange day when he suddenly jumped of his desk and started pulling all the plugs of all computers at the office screaming about the doom of days. His colleagues were running all over like frightened rabbits while he was smashing one cubicle after another, armed with a keyboard in each hand. “We’re artificial, superficial, manufactured, fabricated, robots of the new apocalypse! The machines are taking over and you don’t even care!” – He was roaring. – My blood turned to bits and bytes. I feel my heart beeping! Beware, for the end is near!” Screams and running footsteps echoed throughout the building. Papers and colourful post-its were flying everywhere like some sort of rainbow of destruction.
Meanwhile, outside in the streets the word was that he was taking hostesses and had with him a machine gun in each hand and a bunch of munitions around his neck.
When every single person was thought safe outside he was still wandering in the hallways howling at the remains. That’s when a shy good-looking girl approached him slowly with the most beautiful quiet smile he’d ever see. That girl… She reached him a hand, he held it tight and started to walk. They walked past the door and past the crowd, in no rush, hand in hand, quiet smiles, eyes straight, looking nowhere and into the infinitum. And then everything went black.

The next day they woke up in a hospice medical centre where they, with big frozen eyes, fevered together for a whole year.
When they left the centre they saw outside a different world than the one they once knew. The multiple cars, the red buses and black cabs drove align one after the other, parking, stopping, starting, moving, barely making noise, as if it was some kind of coordinated choreography thought till the smallest detail. The pedestrians too walked silently, one after another, in no rush, quiet smile, eyes straight, looking nowhere and into the infinitum.
This was a new sterile and contained world and yet they could feel a tension growing in the air they could hardly bear. So, before everyone and everything could start to snap as he once did too, he held her hand and walked away as far as possible. Away from that strange crazy virus that came through our every day food and affected brains and sanity all over our big fat island, which is now infested with green aliens ready to drink our blood and eat our brains. Excuse me, I have to go feed my feet and grab some crap. See you yesterday!

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