Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Allegory of the Ant - moral short story for kids

This is the story of a little ant that lives up high on the round Moon above us. She’s not the only one though, there’s a whole community of ants living up there. They all live on the bright side of the Moon with their lovely perfect little houses, with their lovely perfect white fences, and their lovely perfect gardens, surrounded by the most beautiful perfect flowers.

Yet this little ant of our story is quite different from all the others. Instead of having a neat sweet pleasant home she prefers to constantly travel around the Moon, from the dark side to the bright side in a never-ending circle.

The other little ants watch her from a distance, suspiciously whispering questions and doubts to one another. But our little ant doesn’t care and keeps on circulating the Moon on her own time.

Curiously, our little ant is far happier than any other ant. In fact, all other little ants don’t even know what happiness is. On the other way, neither they know what sadness is. They just live their days like plain, boring robots without any trace of any feeling at all.

Our little ant however felt sad many times already, and confused and disappointed and upset and hurt and was even seen enraged screaming against the winds. No, this little ant’s travels around the Moon aren’t easy at all; they’re full with adversities and obstacles that are hard to overcome. But she wouldn’t change it for all the galaxies.

Our little ant knows exactly what she wins with her odyssey, without resting or resigning. Because only by experiencing the dark side of the Moon can our little ant appreciate all the beauty and feel all the joy each time she arrives at the bright side of the Moon. Because only the ones who had experience sadness can really feel true happiness.