Saturday, 26 June 2010

To cook or not to cook

I would love to know how to cook. I know so many people who not only know how to cook but also have such a patience and pleasure by doing it.
If it was for my mother we would all just take food substitute pills like in the science fiction movies. Not me though, I do love to eat and taste all different flavors and textures, experiencing new and delighting with old. I'm definitely a foodie, sort of a food bon vivant in small doses.
The problem is, I only remember food when I'm hungry. I admire all those who plan the next meal hours before or even days before. How do they do that? And I'm not talking about feeding a family or dinner parties, picnics and others of the kind.
(While writing this I just remembered all the crazy parties at my parent's house when my friends and I started the nights with well poured dinners.)
Where normally the guys are the best cooks I can consider myself a great assistant. At least that. I got used to it with pretty much all of my ex-boyfriends, great cooks they were and still are. Yes I know, I was lucky.
It was a lot of fun back then in those legendary never-ending summer parties! Cooking with friends is a celebration of food while cooking to eat is an essential need. It sure changes the whole perspective, doesn't it?
I definitely need to review my eating behavior. It's a real bummer that every single time I do think about food I'm starting to faint and ready to eat the first thing that comes near my mouth, as long it's vegetarian of course. Which by no means represents health food. And I know that well. Even more now living in a new city with new habits. Again.

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