Thursday, 18 February 2010


Although I totally hate labels and try to see every person as a single individual there is still, how could I call it, different groups where similar type of persons fit.
So here I am who never wanted to judge nothing and no one and what I am doing now? Judging.
Maybe they don’t even exist, ‘cause every label you put on someone is totally subjective, ‘cause a person is always a person, extremely complex, with a past, a present, a possible future, with a whole world around him, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, the milk man and the taxi driver.
My topic, this so-called label I’m speaking about is the yuppie.
It makes me laugh inside when I see how they try so hard to seem confident when walking with their suitcases and their copied piece by piece clothing style of their boss, or their mentor, or their men’s magazine. They are so easy to find within a crowd. Head way up, every single detail thousand times checked. They look like they could rule the world but at the same time they’re shitting on their pants.
The yuppie is not quite bright, actually a small dumb. Don’t ever ask him any, let’s say… more profound questions. It’s really easy to know what he’s thinking, because in his head there’s only place for one thing: power or money, call it what you want. That’s why he is a great businessman and a damn top opportunist.
And in this fucked up world these yuppies that climb the ladder by stealing and walking over others with no sign of regret or a soul for that matter, are actually the ones who reach the last floor.
So is up to you, save your soul, stay in the background where real things happen, where real ideas grow, where you forever struggle climbing further the knowledge pyramid or…
Stay shallow, keep to you all the credits from others, reach that last floor, no need to think over there, and maybe one day, just maybe… you can all jump over your big phat window as the greatest dumbass team of all times.
And, who knows… without all these yuppies out there maybe the world will finally start to be a better place. It’s just an Utopia, but we can dream, right?

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