Thursday, 18 February 2010

What and how is a word?

Words. We use words every day, we speak them, we hear them, we read them and we write them. They fill our surroundings completely.
But what is a word? A word can mean an object, a colour, a thought, a feeling, an everything…
We couldn’t even conceive a world without words.

Every new day new words are born.
Words are defined and the sum of definition is human knowledge. Existing definitions are then questioned and new knowledge is formed by answers in a constant chain.
Words as they are belong so much in our daily life that it would be impossible to name yellow to the colour blue. Could you imagine naming joy to sadness? Or hate to love?
A word sustains its own meaning.

The printed word still fascinates many, I as one among them. It transcends our boundaries of imagination beyond these same words.
The printed word in all its forms - newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters and of course books - is a powerful media. Reading on computers or phones or whatever is greatly increasing in this rather ephemeral digital era but it cannot yet replace the immutable experience of reading words printed on paper.

I myself am writing this small essay on a digital notebook but desiring immensely to just let me drown in the words of a magnificent book.
Don’t neglect your printed education. It is indeed an amazing experience as it always will be.

Word by word into a phrase, phrase by phrase into a world.

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