Saturday, 6 February 2010

chill out

The expectations are huge and some times I get overwhelmed by all of this. Fear of failing, fear that it won’t pay at the end. Even when my self-confidence increased greatly in this new year. And I can see the fruits of it already.
There’s a crisis out there that doesn’t seem to end soon. And I’m not getting any younger, right? I know I have to free myself, don’t be so uptight and wanting too badly to be perfectionist in all chores. I’m just human.
When I’m laid-back I work much better. Ideas flow loosely without that mental pressure. So girl, just chill out and everything will be just fine. You’re blessed with an amazing family that’s always there for you in your long unconventional journey. They will always be your anchor, your harbor.
It’s not an easy road I’m taking but it is my own adventure.
Just keep following your path as good as you can… but relaxed.
After all it’s just advertising. It’s not like we’re trying to save the world.

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