Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I wanna walk like a penguin over the big Alster Lake.

It’s still snowing here in Hamburg. The big Alster Lake is frozen and I want to walk over it since two weeks already. I see so many photos in the internet of happy faces walking like penguins with Glühwein in their hands and ask myself: will I manage to go there before the global warming attacks?
Global warming… it will probably come only by the time of our great-great-grandchildren – not that I’m complaining – but till there the winters are just getting dramatically colder by the year.
It is so new strange for me to see a whole month of uninterrupted snow falling and seagulls flying everywhere. I’m a child of the sea and I’m used to experience real snow only on the mountains.
This is a harbour city, we have 2 seas nearby, north and east, and all this snow is pretty surprising for all Hamburgers. The Alster wasn’t frozen since more than 15 years.
Damn, I have to go there, it’s imperative that I go there! You never know, maybe the global warming does come sooner than expected.

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