Sunday, 17 January 2010

First Resolution

Aloha digital "Brave New World"!
I really should start writing my thoughts and nonsenses here. I have this blog for a time already but it stayed empty till, well, now.
First resolution for 2010: write a few words in the "digital way" at least one time every week.
I'm studying at Miami Ad School Europe in Hamburg Germany for a while now and I have to say, I never felt so light and free of bad energy. The new year couldn't start better!
It wasn't easy last year, not easy at all. Not because of all the work, which is really overwhelming but the atmosphere in our class was some strange twilight kind of thing. In all my life of study I never experienced something like that. And not because of the people or everyone in particular, it was this combination that just didn't work out... It was like we had constantly a black cloud over our heads, cursing us... Boo! I know, it sounds crazy, but I can't find any better way to explain this.
Well, now that I'm doing another program, I have all these different new people whom I'm so excited to know and work with.
The workflow is so much better when you feel this free. And looking forward to going to class like in the good old days?... What a wonderful feeling!!!
Happy New Year!

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